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  • Hey people! I am presenting my new project 'Little Wings'. I've been inspired to create this series last summer in the Netherlands. It was a fantastic time living in the countryside away from noisy cities. I aslo would like to thank my Dutch friends for giving me such possibility!

    Work on A3 paper using fineliners and india ink.

    With this project I would like to summarize year of 2013. Unfortunately, this year I didn't devote enough time for my own creative work as I had to deal with a lot of issues. But I am leaving all this behind and next year hope to be more productive!

    And one more thing - huge thanks for each and everyone who is supporting me! I am reading all your comments and feeling blessed that my works inspire you! Thank you! :)
    If you enjoy my work and want to support me creating stuff, I’m on Patreon! Check me out: 

  • The Butterfly WIP
  • "The Butterfly"
  • The Fly WIP
  • "The Fly"
  • The Dragonfly WIP
  • "The Dragonfly"
  • The Bee WIP
  • "The Bee"

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