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Centennial Bench

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Designed for Centenary Celebrations of College of Architecture at Georgia Tech, the Centennial Bench was a team project under Prof. Kevin Shankwiler in which my design was selected and fabricated for the event. It is now a permanent exhibit in CoA.
  • Centennial Bench @ Georgia Tech
    Celebrating 100 years of the College of Architecture
  • Brief: To design a public sculpture for the College of Architecture courtyard using parametric modeling and digital fabrication processes. The theme for the exhibition was - continuity through change; reflecting the design philosophy inherent in nature.
    Role: This was a team effort involving students and faculty of the Advanced Parametric Design class taught by Professor Kevin Shankwiler in Spring 2009. My concept for the public sculpture was chosen from options proposed by the class and I took the lead in executing the design from concept to fabrication with the guidance of Prof.Shankwiler. My specific roles were in SolidWorks modeling, Alphacam programming and final on-site assembly.
    Process: Site analysis, Conceptual Sketches, Scaled Prototype, Sectional Mock-ups, Design Refinement, SolidWorks Modeling, Digital Fabrication, On-site Installation.
    Deliverables: Installation of the Centennial Bench at College of Architecture Courtyard
    3 months
    Acknowledgements: Professor Kevin Shankwiler, Chris Neoh and Indu Thumsi.

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