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Facebook - New Look & Concept

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A conceptional and systematic design approach encouraging user behaviour and a greater control of data within a responsive grid. The overall concept was created with a systematic design approach encouraging behaviour and a greater control of user data. Facebook is a natural part of peoples lives today and it's well known that a part of the platform's psychological success is caused by targeted and personalised information. This concept draws upon that theory by giving more control back to the user of what they want and don't want to see, creating a greater and more personal environment when interacting with the UI. I approached the platform from a user perspective and focused on targeted & personalised data while maintaining a visually appealing UI. Facebook has done a good job with this for a long time but we're still not seeing the full extent of what's possible within this platform. I believe the future of digital production, design & development in general lies within personalised or targeted information. Every day we're bombarded with advertising and other media who's desperately trying to get our attention with more traditional (narrative) campaign strategies. I believe in focusing on the platform itself and adding value that's personal and actually useful for the end user.

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