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Fruit & Vegetable Washing Tray

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The product is an outcome of an classroom project "Creative Method", this was guided by Designer Mukul this project we were suppose to identify problem around us and we have to come up with an simple product which is easy to make, use,can resist heavy were and tier & economical to buy. I identified problem in our canteen where the guy was using broken heavy metal tray for rinsing vegetable, it was dangers to use. So i created a Vegetable & fruit washing tray from polystyrene sheet on which i also created texture for friction, so that the fruits do not slips from the tray, the texture was hand made by manual drill machine and at last it was vacuum formed to get the structure. Polystyrene was used because its waterproof, non ferrous,light weight, non sticky, it can be beveled easily from the corners and can be rough in use.
  • Problem Identified In our Kitchen
  • Selection of the Polystyrene sheet for making the Tray.
  • Texture created on the Polystyrene sheet by manual drill machine. The use of the texture is to provide fricton, so that the fruits or vegetable do not get slip while rinsing.
  • Exploring the shape in a small scale by Vacume Forming Machine.
  • Final Tray
  • Side View of a Tray
  • Front View of a Tray
  • Tray ready to use inside the Kitchen. The tray is made according to the dimention of the standerd sink.
  • Easy to wash vegetable and fruits.
  • Easy to lift from the wash basin.
  • Water can easily pass through the holes made inside the tray. 
  • Due to the light weight of the tray it is easy to transfer vegetable from one contaner to another if vegetables are large in amount.
  • Cleaning of tray is very easy after use.
  • The bigger holes in the tray allow the sand & impurity to rince out of the tray.
  • The tray is easy to carry, soft to touch and it have round corners so it do not hearts.
  • Water renscing from the tray.
  • Easy to handel.
  • Vegitable left to dry in sun.
  • Fruits left to dry in the tray.

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