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Orange World

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"Orange World” Campaign: a series of promotional videos produced for Leo Burnett Warsaw.
  • Orange World
    Character and environment design
  • Every brand strives to create a world of its own, one into which it can invite its potential users. Designed based on a concept by Mateusz Goll, Orange World is a universe inhabited by bizarre beings, created out of a million tiny elements for the Orange mobile telephone network. The richness of the world was achieved through simplicity – by playing around and experimenting with the fundamental building block that is the sphere. This extraordinary and universal design was creating in association with Leo Burnett Warsaw, which took over the design of the campaign. Together, we created the animation for a total of 20 episodes.

    Director: Paweł Borowski
    Agency: Leo Burnett Warszawa
    Creative Director: Paweł Heinze, Krzysztof Iwiński
    Art Director: Mateusz Goll
    Copywriter: Natalia Dudek
    Set Design: Kuba Jabłoński, Marcin Jakubowski, Damian Bajowski
    Art Direction: Grzegorz Kukuś, Rafal Kidziński, Marcin Filipek
    Producer: Agata Socha
  • Concept
  • Character design
  • Environment
  • Video stills
    Various commercials

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